SSD cloud VPS instruction fundamental

Web hosting is a new age technology to increase visibility. Whether it is an individual, an institution, an organization or a business, having an online presence is absolutely essential. More and more people are hooked on to the internet and having an online presence gives you a better chance to be noted. However, for beginners it might be a little difficult to figure out how to go about it and how to get the website online and make it accessible to everyone. That is where webhosting services come into the picture.

Webhosting services provide an easy and efficient solution to this problem. There are basically three types of web hosting services available in India, which are

Each of these has their own benefits and deficits.  Different type of web hosting services is applicable for different websites. Depending on the type of website that is going to be hosted, that is, a static website or a dynamic and interactive website, and the kinds of applications that are going to be running to support the website, the amount of resources required varies.

CPU time


Disk space



Depending on the resource requirements, the prices also varies. With time, SSD Cloud VPS hosting has come out as the best alternative.

This is the most basic type of web hosting that you can look for. Starting with the advantages of shared hosting, there is mainly only one advantage, this is much cheaper than the other forms of web hosting. The main disadvantage is that, all the available resources have to be shared. Depending on the requirement of the client, one of the many web hosting services is chosen, and shared web hosting is also one of the popular choices. However, it is becoming obsolete with every passing year and new technological advancements which are making other forms of web hosting more affordable.

There are some web hosting clients who need very small resource. Suppose a person is trying to make a website to let the people of the world about himself or herself. This is very common with celebrities who have their own official website. For these people and their websites, the traffic will never be too high in general. That is why they would not require too much of dedicated resources. So for this purpose, even if the cheapest SSD VPS hosting is available, it is not the correct choice. Here, shared web hosting services are more appropriate and hence, more popular.

The disadvantages of shared web hosting are that all the resources are shared. The resources include CPU time, memory, bandwidth etc. This affects the performance of the website in a huge way. It is not a big problem if it is a lightweight website and the average traffic is low. However, if this is not the case, then shared web hosting is the worst choice. Just to save a little on the charges, you would be compromising a lot with the quality of service. Now that other forms of web hosting are becoming more affordable, this is slowly becoming obsolete.

VPS hosting is often confused with both shared server hosting and dedicated server hosting. This confusion is absolutely justified, especially for laymen, because VPS hosting is a mixture of both shared and dedicated server hosting, in that it takes almost all the advantages of these two other types of hosting. However, it does include much of the disadvantages. This is the best and most sought after web serving solution and is a popular choice in India. VPS web hosting is satisfactoryfor almost all kinds of websites, and that is why it is so popular.

The things that VPS web hosting derives from shared web hosting are that affordability and the sharing of resources. This is also a very affordable web hosting service, and is easy to obtain. The facility s 

The similarity of VPS web hosting and dedicate web hosting is that some of the resources that are allocated are dedicated to one client. While in shared hosting, that resource that at one instance is given to you might in a different instance be taken away from you. In case of VPS web hosting, some of the resources that are allocated to a particular website is dedicated for that client. That is why VPS web hosting is a lot more dependable than shared web hosting and as popular as cheap SSD VPS hosting amongst web developers in India.are still shared, which might affect the performance a little bit, but the sharing is controlled. This provides the best balance between affordability and resource allocation. If shared web hosting is thought of as having an apartment in building, VPS hosting can be thought of having building in a closed gate society. Some things are still shared but you will be responsible for the maintenance of your building.

This is the best web hosting service in terms of quality of service, and it is also the costliest. As the name suggests, everything you have is dediziertes (Dedicated)  to your website only, and there is absolutely no sharing involved. If shared server web hosting is an apartment in a building and VPS web hosting owns a building in a closed gate society then dedicated web hosting servers is like owning a whole villa. Most of it you might not need, it is costly but even if a huge number of people are visiting, it will not pose any performance troubles. With cheap VPS SSD hosting, even the cost is not a big issue now.

The one and only disadvantage about dedicated web hosting that made it difficult for willing people to go for this form of web hosting was the price. However, with more and more fast SSD hosting options and more and more companies providing this service, it has become the best and one of the most popular web hosting solution in the country. When you can get all the advantages at an affordable price, why would you choose anything else?

As the name suggests, there is absolutely no form of sharing involved with dedicated web servers whatsoever. All the resources that are allotted to the client, including the CPU time, the memory, the disk space, the bandwidth, everything, will always be dedicated to the client, even if the website has very low traffic. You are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the dedicated server. All kinds of websites and web applications can be run on this kind of server. Depending on your needs, you can choose the different combinations of memory, bandwidth and CPU capacity that you want and you have to pay accordingly.

To know more about how to get the best VPS SSD hosting for your web hosting needs, you can go online and do a quick search. You can find the different plans and respective prices and depending on that you can choose one. You can get in touch directly with the service provider to know about this in more details as well.